Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Monsters

Whenever I watch any visuals with figures, the first thing that I notice is the costumes. I love creative visions on human bodies, whether it's clothes or make ups or prosthetics. There are two costume designers that I admire in the movie industry, Eiko Ishioka who designed costumes for Tarsem's The Cell, The Fall, Francis Coppola's Dracula and many theater and dance costumes. The other designer is Sandy Powell who does everything so well from Shakespearean dresses to rock stars' body suits. I would go see any movies that these designers are involved in no matter what the movies are about, just to get a glimpse of their creativity. 

I am a big fan of fashion as an art form, and the designers that I adore usually make fantastic clothes that are almost impossible to wear in real life, i.e. Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Viktor & Rolf. There is one fashion designer that caught my eyes this year. Gareth Pugh, a british designer who I didn't know much about until his fall 09 show. His show set itself apart from other designers by showing a video installation instead of models walking down the catwalk. Other designers have done videos in their shows before but Pugh's was a work of art on its own. I loved how surreal and animalistic his clothes are even though the silhouettes looked hard and machine like. I wouldn't want to wear his clothes unless the world war III happens and I need a protective haute couture to shield myself against dinosaur size mutant cockroaches on the streets. But I gotta give it to his explosive creativity, he might seem like a skinny soft spoken guy but he gotta have some balls to make clothes like these.  He gave such dark and interesting visions on female forms which I think is infinitely attractive.    

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