Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have been quite bored with digital photography for a long time. The good thing about digital camera is also the bad thing, Digital camera allows me to take almost unlimited shots which also allows me to take loads of careless, crappy photos. My fuji digital camera is super slow and I can't afford digital SLRs. I missed the more organic and instant joy of clicking an old manual camera. When I saw the playful, dreamy photographs taken by Holga online (a cheap plastic toy camera), I ran to B & H and got one. I got the one with flash which broke within weeks and this thing doesn't come with any warranty or replacement parts, so I guess I have to take photos only in bright sunlight with high speed films. 
I took this camera to Turks and Caicos island and had loads of fun taking photos. It's so light and simple, I even took it on a sail boat and took photos as I was waist deep in the ocean. The island was so beautiful that no matter what camera I had, the photos would have come out nice, but the holga added more nostalgic feeling to my photos (even though I just came back from Turks and caicos only a month ago, the photos tricks me to think it was ages ago... or maybe it's the dreary new york weather). I recommend Holga to anyone who's interested in photography, just don't get the ones with flash!

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