Thursday, June 11, 2009

post MoCCA

Thanks everyone for coming to MoCCA!
I am so glad that I have finished some new materials on time to bring to the convention. I met many interesting people, there were so many amazing artists that I wouldn't have met if I haven't gone.
David Mazzucchelli (of "Batman: Year One", "City of Glass", and "Daredevil") was there signing his new book "Asterios Polyp". He was one of my favorite teachers at RISD and I was so glad to see him again. He remembered me and the comics I made in his class after all these years. His new book looked so gorgeous, it sold out at the convention. I can't wait to get my hands on it when it officially comes out in July.
I bumped into some RISD grads too, Corinne who I see in almost every convention, I just love her corky comics and it's great to see her doing her own thing so diligently. I also met Jethro who is curating a RISD grads group art show called "the Love show" coming up on July. I have submitted my work to be considered and I was so excited to hear that my work is in! I'll post more info about this show soon! It was also interesting to meet some people who've seen my work on the web before. 
There were people from all over the country and even from Europe. The power of comics united us all! I bought a book called "Love Pain" by Ephameron from this Belgian publisher, Bries.  I found all these books that I got when traveling europe years ago on their table. They publish many books by ANKE FEUCHTENBERGER whose work I LOVE.
MoCCA was huge, it was endless rows and rows of comics, many of the people that I have seen in last year's MoCCA and other conventions. It was easy to get lost in the sea of artists tables and I felt a little overwhelmed. There was no ventilation inside that I felt a little light headed at the end of the day. But all in all it was a great convention and I'm looking forward to next year!

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