Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Website make over!

I have re-designed my website with new comics, illustrations, and fine art.
check it out at

I usually re do my website once a year, because I get sick of my own website. lol. Also MoCCA is coming up and I wanted to show a fresh look to people who've known my work before and the new comers.
This time, my main goal was to keep it very simple and allow the maximum space for the images of my work.
I've noticed when I am viewing other people's websites, I only click on the first few thumbnails. So I've tried to included the full size images in one pages for lazy people like me who doesn't want to go back and forth and click on different thumbnails.
I've also deleted many of my old art because I've been just adding and adding without really thinking about if the art work represent myself or not. I've trimmed down my archive and group the images a little more sensibly... I hope this make over will help the viewers to see more of my work with less effort.
Please let me know if there's any problem with my website. Thanks and enjoy! :)

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