Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Moon is a sci-fi movie directed by Duncan Jones, starring Sam Rockwell. If you like Sam Rockwell, this is the movie for you. It's basically a one man show with one other character which is a computer voiced by Kevin Spacey. I first heard about this movie from a movie reviewing podcast called filmspotting.  They were raving about this movie and it perked up my curiosity. And I wasn't disappointed after watching it. Moon reminds me of one of my favorite sci-fi movies Solaris. It could be viewed as mystery/ thriller, but It also deals with more internal issues of one's identity/ destiny and loneliness. This movie is pretty low budgeted and you can see it in the moon exploration scenes, but I kinda like it that way, it gives a nostalgic mood of old 70's sci-fi movies and also makes me focus more on the characters rather than the flash visual effects. I've never watched Sam Rockwell in movies before and I was really impressed with his performance in this movie. Without giving too much away, he plays two different versions of the same character and it is chilling to see how different someone can turn out in different circumstances. I loved how the story ended too, I was content to see the credit roll. I'm excited to see what this director and actor will come out with in the future.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crush and Blush

Thanks to my good friend Risa Cho, I've been watching a lot of good Korean films lately. Crush and Blush (Korean Title: Miss Hongdangmu) is a funny and corky korean flick written and directed by Lee Kyoung-mi. Interestingly, Park Chan-wook (director of Old-Boy and I'm a cyborg but that's o.k.) is also credited as a writer.  This movie is packed with weird characters and over the top, crazy story lines but they all work well together by the equally audacious direction and editing. I love how daring and different this movie is from other Korean movies I've seen recently. The main character Yang Mi-sook played awesomely by Kong Hyo-jin, is a red faced high school teacher who will do anything and everything to get her long time crush, even though he's her co-worker, married, and has a daughter who happens to be a student in her school. The plot gets a little unrealistic sometimes but the way the actors played their characters so unapologetically made me get sucked into this crazy love triangle (or multi-angle depending on how you look at it). I also love how teenage girls aren't portrayed as pretty objects in short school uniforms, but weird, dirty minded, and sometimes cruel individuals, much like what I remember myself to be at that age. It's probably because this movie is directed by a woman. I think this movie can be a kick ass comic book series. I can see so many side stories developing from this movie. All the characters were so funny and interesting, I was sad to see it ended.

Asterios Polyp

I've just finished reading David Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp. Although I haven't been reading a lot of comics lately, I feel this one is a very special piece of work. This book walks in the thin lines between many boundaries. The story seems pretty simple yet complex, the art looks clean and simplified, almost like signs yet there is so much thought behind how they are designed. I love every aspect of this book. David Mazzucchelli was one of my professors at RISD and I wasn't so familiar with his work at the time. He's well known for more main stream comic series like Batman and Daredevil. I've never read american super hero comics when I was young and I couldn't get into them when I grew up even though I was around many people who know a lot about this genre. But now I want to check out his older stuff just to get a glimpse of his talent. Comic books like Asterios Polyp make me want to keep on drawing comics. It shows how intelligent and complete media comics can be, even more than movies. Simply by laying  lines, colors, and words on a paper, comics compact so much information and tell a story in a personal way for each readers. Asterios Polyp is one of the finest examples of how it could be done. 

Here's an interesting article on David Mazzucchelli and his work.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Don Pedro's

My water color "Narcisa" will be showing at Don Pedro's if you haven't had a chance to see it at 'the Love show'. Several pieces from 'the Love show' and other art work will be hanging on the wall as part of the gig with the local bands: Fancy Colors, Organs, Your Vegas, and Chappo. The show starts at 9. Come have a drink and enjoy the music and art!
August 11th Tuesday
@ Don Pedro's
90 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11212