Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crush and Blush

Thanks to my good friend Risa Cho, I've been watching a lot of good Korean films lately. Crush and Blush (Korean Title: Miss Hongdangmu) is a funny and corky korean flick written and directed by Lee Kyoung-mi. Interestingly, Park Chan-wook (director of Old-Boy and I'm a cyborg but that's o.k.) is also credited as a writer.  This movie is packed with weird characters and over the top, crazy story lines but they all work well together by the equally audacious direction and editing. I love how daring and different this movie is from other Korean movies I've seen recently. The main character Yang Mi-sook played awesomely by Kong Hyo-jin, is a red faced high school teacher who will do anything and everything to get her long time crush, even though he's her co-worker, married, and has a daughter who happens to be a student in her school. The plot gets a little unrealistic sometimes but the way the actors played their characters so unapologetically made me get sucked into this crazy love triangle (or multi-angle depending on how you look at it). I also love how teenage girls aren't portrayed as pretty objects in short school uniforms, but weird, dirty minded, and sometimes cruel individuals, much like what I remember myself to be at that age. It's probably because this movie is directed by a woman. I think this movie can be a kick ass comic book series. I can see so many side stories developing from this movie. All the characters were so funny and interesting, I was sad to see it ended.

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