Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chris Cunningham

I first got to know Chris Cunningham's work through his music video for Bjork, 'All is full of Love' and was struck by his disturbing but beautiful visual sensibility. Chris Cunningham is known for his frequent collaboration with  Aphex Twin, another electronic musician that I like. He seems to work mainly on short length videos like commercials and music videos but never a full length film. With his craft and extraordinary visions, he would be an awesome director for science fiction movies. He was rumored to be directing William Gibson's novels which I thought was a match made in heaven, but sadly it seems like the project fizzled out before it reached production. What I admire the most about Chris Cunningham's work is that he seems to have an amazing appreciation and understanding on human forms. I'm always deeply moved by figurative art that shows the brilliance of human bodies away from the conventional ideals of beauty people accept from magazines and other media. Chris Cunningham's videos plays with the incredible strength and intricate designs of human bodies and I wish one day I could be able to express it in my own art. Even though there aren't tons of Chris Cunningham's work out, whatever I've seen so far has inspired me a lot and I will look forward to watch anything he comes up with in the future. Here are some of my favorite Chris Cunningham's Videos.

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