Tuesday, September 8, 2009

District 9

Over the labor day weekend, I watched District 9, a new sci-fi movie about aliens on earth. It was sometimes a bit too gory and trigger happy for my taste but over all this movie was very exciting and fresh take on aliens. We are used to seeing aliens as malicious monsters who are out to kill humans and take over the world. But in this movie, they are pretty harmless creatures who just want to get out of slum and go home. I loved how you ended up rooting for these horrible looking alien creatures over the humans. There are some plot holes that need a better explanation than "these aliens are just dumb". I mean these creatures don't want to live in this condition and most humans don't want to keep them on earth either (except the greedy evil military scientists/ weapons manufactures). There are a few intelligent aliens left who have the knowledge in how to restart their mother ship and they could even communicate with humans. And their technology is far advanced than humans and there were many alien weapons left on the ship. They could surely protect themselves and fix their ship before they were condemned to live in the earth slum for two decades! Also, there are some moments towards the end that reminded me too much about "die hard" or "mission impossible" with huge shoot outs where no bullets seem to get the heroes and the main human character who doesn't have any previous experience with operating alien machines suddenly controls very cool, complicated looking alien craft. Even if he's genetically altered to be able to use alien weapons, this craft was no simple hand gun.
Despite many flaws, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and I was in the edge of my seat the whole time. The alien machines looked really cool and the CG was superbly blended into the real footage. I never felt the visual was contrived or over done. And despite the appearance of being a summer action flick, this movie questions our very real problem of discrimination and brutality against people who look different from those with power.  


  1. I saw this one over the weekend too! I agree, it was a fresh take on Aliens on earth, and very enjoyable to watch.

  2. haha we seems to watch similar type of movies yet I don't remember watching any movies with you. we should watch the next sci-fi flick together! :)