Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Steam Punk

The fictional world of steam punk is a great platform to mix many different genre, from horror to romance to period to science fiction. It is a science fiction because the technological inventions and clever devices have a big presence in the stories but it also has nostalgic and magical atmosphere. It is an oxymoron which can be both blessing or curse for writers and directors because it could end up being amazingly creative (i.e. City of lost children) or disorientated (The Golden Compass). But there's no doudt that these movies tend to be very aesthetically pleasing: Leather, bronze, and glass give a romantic, softened atmosphere that other science fiction genre might lack. Here are the movies that I like because of their steam punk look even though some of their story isn't so great. I wish I can come up with a good story which I can use these imageries in.

Sleepy Hollow

Dark City

City of Lost Children

Golden Compass


Sherlock Holmes

From Hell

Edward Scissorhands

I just noticed Jonney Depp and Tim Burton are like champions of Steam punk movies...
and Siamese twins and deformed people appear in many of these movies. Maybe their parents got exposed to radiations and toxic waste while inventing their gadgets. Who knows...

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