Saturday, October 24, 2009

Figure drawing

Drawing from my head can be pretty daunting. I prefer drawing from life. Fortunately there are many places in New York that offer figure drawing sessions. I've been to a few of them and the craziest one that I've been to was the DRAW-A-THON last year. Brooklyn based artist, Michael Alan had various models posing in every corner of  his  apartment. The apartment was packed with artists and models that I had to crouch in a tight ball to draw. Some of the models were cooking in the kitchen, some were making out in the bedroom, some were fighting in the living room. I felt like I was stuck in some independent Felini-esque movie. The climax was when they decided to move up to the roof of the apartment building and use the natural light. A couple of musicians, also naked, started playing their folk guitar and sing. The models moved slowly to the music like ghosts. When the sun set, they turned on the spot lights and continued until it was too cold for the models to stay outside. I must have stayed there for about 10 hours, and I've never drawn so many sketches in my life. I was exhausted by the end but it felt awesome.  There's no greater feeling than after you've lost yourself in drawing for hours. Like everything that is good for oneself , i.e. going to the gym or eating healthy, I should draw from life more often. 

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