Thursday, November 26, 2009

Carl Moser and Giselbert Hoke.

At the Galleria Goethe in Bolzano, I found many interesting art books of austrian and italian artists. Carl Moser is an austrian artist from the beginning of the 20th century. Like many artist in the art nouveau period, he seems to be influenced greatly by Japanese aesthetics. His graceful women are clothed in beautiful textiles and laces, much like the geishas in the japanese wood block prints. I love his soft colors and interesting negative spaces in his wood block prints. Giselbert Hoke is another austrian artist who works mostly with landscapes. It seems that whichever cities he paints, they all end up looking abstract with colorful blocks and scribbled lines. His paintings have almost childish playfulness and I love the boldness of his colors and compositions. I hope to find their books in the U.S. but so far I have had no luck. Perhaps I have to wait until my next travel to europe.

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