Friday, November 27, 2009

Libreria/ Fumetteria Mardi Gras

The Number by Thomas OttSofie & Abou by Judith Vanistendael
Sambre Story by Balac, Art by Yslaire.

Il Gigante Italiano Cuba' 42 Story by Ottavio De Angelis, Art by Anna Bandoli
Rosso Oltremare by Nanuele Fior

Arrugas by Paco RocaLMVDM by Gipi (Giani Pacinotti)

and some other work by Gipi Cronachette by Gicacomo NanniL'Autoroute Du Soleil by Baru

Mardi Gras is a comic book and art book store in Bolzano. They had pretty amazing collection of alternative comics. The owner was kind enough to take out a big pile of comic books that she thought was good to check out. I was only familiar with old school Italian comic artist like Battaliglia and was surprised how many different type of comics are available in Italy. Here are a few books that caught my eyes.


  1. yeah, Mardi Gras is great!
    you really found some great comics there... I stopped going there for some time, was costing me too much money :)

  2. yes, that place was amazing! I wish I could have stayed a whole day there. :) I couldn't get all of the comics I liked, hopefully they will get translated into English soon!