Monday, April 12, 2010

Post MoCCA

MoCCA 2010 came and went so fast, everything is a bit blurry in my mind. There were several of my non- comic friends who also got tables this time. It was inspiring to see so many people trying to do their own thing and to see so many great work coming out of young talents. I also saw some familiar faces from past MoCCA and other conventions. I wish I have taken more time to look around, the armory was huge and I only got to see maybe half of them. But I manage to exchange my comics with many artists, which I'm reading right now. I had some new art prints, but I couldn't finish as much new comics as I hope to have done. I'm thinking of going to SPX and New york comic con this year so it gives me a few months to finish what I'm working on right now. I got rid of most of my old comics and promotional postcards. So I think it was a good event to expose of my work to new audiences. Thanks to people who checked out my work, shared their thoughts and bought or exchanged comics with me! It was a lot of fun and a good kick on my butt to work harder and get more stuff out there.

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