Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bluebeard Opera

Bluebeard is an opera composed by Bartok in 1911 based on the french folk tale. I had a lot of fun designing costumes for this opera in my costume design class. The music is very weird and creepy, it's almost futuristic which evokes a very broad range of period. The story is set in the middle ages, but I mixed bunches of different ideas from early dutch settlers in the 15th century to salem witch trial to 1960's rosemary's baby. I incorporated various medieval torture devices and weapons as the dresses for the three former wives of blue beard. And Rosemary's baby for Judith because she's naive about the evil nature of Bluebeard but in the end, condemned to be the prisoner of his castle like his other wives. I actually did a 5 page comic of "Bloody Chamber" a while ago, which is based on the Angela Carter's short story of the same folklore. Check it out here. Enjoy! :)

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