Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Nickelodeon)

When M Knight Shyamalan's new movie came out, my friend Selina mentioned how much she loves the original cartoon show the movie is based on. Although I didn't agree to go see this 3D blockbuster with her, I decided to check out the cartoon show since I haven't watched any good TV animations in a while. After watching first few episodes, I was completely hooked. The animation style is a good mix of both american nickelodeon cartoons and Anime. The main characters are very likable and goofy which take the edge off of larger than life issues these kids are dealing with in the story. Even though I knew it'll end happily (it's a nick cartoon for kids, they don't want to make the kids cry!) the stakes were very high, I really cared about how the story would unfold.
The quality of the animation is good, but what really got me in was the story telling. I loved how they incorporated the eastern philosophies and various martial arts. This is a fantasy story but somehow very well grounded in the real world. Although it is just a cartoon show for kids, it's made me feel very enlightened and spiritual after watching it. And I became a total fan of Appa, possibly the cutest animal character I've ever seen! Well done Nickelodeon!! :)

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