Monday, July 19, 2010


So the movie that everyone has been waiting for finally opened last week. There really hasn't been many movies that I wanted to see lately, so I was very eager to see Christopher Nolan's Inception.
This movie starts off with intensity and momentum of a good heist movie. when Leo DiCaprio's character says "this is my last job", it reminded me of many slick action flicks like Layer Cake, Italian Job, or Ocean's Eleven. It sets up very high potentials to what might come later in the film. At the beginning, there seems to be no limit to what might happen in this movie just like in dreams.
But being a big budget film with limited time frame, it ends up being a bit too closed in, too safe, and too predictable. I understand the problem of creating a gripping story line within someone's dream, because the audiences know everyone's ultimately safe no matter what happened in their dreams. I wish Nolan had more guts to throw away the logic of awaken person and just let things unfold in it self, like an exquisite corpse because that's how the dreams are like. It's funny that I lost interests when Leo's character explains the danger of dying in a dream when the person is sedated. The movie needed this guide line for the story to work, but it felt too contrived and the story lost it's credibility. But nonetheless, Inception had some of the most striking visuals and concepts. I'm a total sucker for movies that deals with dreams and subconsciousness and I can almost see this movie flowering into a TV series, like 24 or Lost.

hmm.. what would my totem be?

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