Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fashion Illustration

Some fashion illustrations I drew with Polo Ralph Lauren references.


  1. Hi, this jerk stole your drawing and claimed it for his own. He stole from other artists too and got credit for their work in a local newspaper. I'm an artist too, and I would hate it if somebody did this to me. Here are links to the his facebook page with your work on it:!/photo.php?fbid=693518374024521&set=a.348372498539112.76930.100000990939997&type=3&theater

    I hope I didn't make you sad. :(

    1. Hello, Thanks for letting me know. It's a shame things like this happened, I've messaged him via facebook and warned him to take down my art and other work that aren't his from his site. Just out of curiosity, how did you come across his site? Do you know this guy? Thanks.

  2. nice :D

    aku suka .

    salam dari indonesia