Saturday, September 1, 2012

warm up pen and ink drawings

I've been collecting old photos from flea markets and vintage shops all over the world, thinking that I'll use them for my art someday. And I never really did anything with it until a few days ago. I've been inking pages for the upcoming Strumpet, and my inking was very rusty since I haven't used fountain nips in a very long time. So I thought, I should do a pen and ink drawing before inking the pages to loosen up. And it's been very helpful. I wonder what happened to these people in the faded photographs, of course they are all dead now, but what happened to their children and grandchildren. It would be interesting to follow the history of these photographs to see how it was first taken and who these people in the photos are, to how it ended up in the hands of a stranger like me.

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