Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recap on Baltimore Comic Con 2014

The Baltimore Comic con was held last weekend from Sept 5th Friday to the 7th, Sunday. I got to share a table with my fellow cartoonist friends from Brooklyn, Simon Fraser who is working on the new Doctor Who comic and Lara and Dave from So What? Press with their beautiful and funny Lovecraft illustrations and a mystery horror comic series “The tales of the night watchman”.
This was my second time attending and first time exhibiting at Baltimore comic con. The first time I went was 4 years ago, and I was just walking around, checking out mainstream comic as a newbie fan than a creator. So it was quite a different experience for me this time to be among these creators of mostly mainstream, super hero genre at the artist alley.
This was the first time Baltimore con has expanded to three day con. It was their attempt to take off the load from usually packed attendance on Saturday. But it was very slow for everyone on Friday and moderately packed on Saturday and Sunday, I thought it could have been better to just be a two day con.
My work was very different from the rest of the exhibitors at the con. My table with Korean food comic and feminine and original illustrations attracted a few curious attendees but I felt that most people were looking for Super hero collectibles and fan art than original art and comics. I met a few people who were very excited to read my Banchan in 2 pages and I got to do a fun portrait commission of a nice couple so it was not all lost in the end. 
The best part of this con was that I got to check out how mainstream audience work. It was very interesting to check out so many awesome cosplayers and what they were buying. And watching the veterans of comics pumping out gorgeous commission after commission was very inspiring. It was completely different from the indie comic scene like SPX and MoCCa.
I had an awesome time in the after hours connecting with old friends from Brooklyn, stuffing my face with lumpy delicious crab cakes and washing it down with Nanny-boo. Even though I have moved away from Brooklyn, the comic community is so tight and strong, it still felt as nothing has changed. I am looking forward to SPX this weekend where I will be tabling with So What? Press folk again.

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