Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Cook Korean!" is now available for pre-order!

You can now pre-order my cookbook-graphic novel “Cook Korean!” on various websites including Amazon, iTune, Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, and Indie Bound. 
This book includes the recipes 64 easy Korean recipes and comics about in- depth information and my personal experiences with Korean food and culture. I’ve been working on this book for the better part of last year and I’m thrilled that it’s finally coming out this july!
Here’s a detailed description of my book:
A charming introduction to the basics of Korean cooking in graphic novel form, with 64 recipes, ingredient profiles, and more, presented through light-hearted comics.

Picture It: You Can Master Korean Cooking

Fun to look at and easy to use, this unique combination of cookbook and graphic novel is the ideal introduction to cooking Korean cuisine at home. Robin Ha’s colorful and humorous one- to three-page comics fully illustrate the steps and ingredients needed to bring more than sixty traditional (and some not-so-traditional) dishes to life.

In these playful but exact recipes, you’ll learn how to create everything from easy kimchi (mak kimchi) and soy garlic beef over rice (bulgogi dupbap) to seaweed rice rolls (gimbap) and beyond. Friendly and inviting, Cook Korean! is perfect for beginners and seasoned cooks alike who want to try their hand at this wildly popular cuisine.
“Simple, straightforward, and totally charming, Robin Ha’s Cook Korean! is yet another example of why every cookbook should actually be a comic book.”
—Amanda Cohen, chef/owner Dirt Candy

“Do you feel left out when all your cool friends mention their latest Korean food adventure talking about things like galbi, doenjang and different types of kimchi? Well, fear not, as Robin Ha made it her personal mission in her graphic novel cookbook filled with colorful illustrations, incredible stories, and insightful Korean recipes to not only educate but to instill confidence. So go pick up your copy ofCook Korean! and confidently engage in your next conversation about the hottest cuisine in America.”
—Deuki Hong, chef and author of Koreatown: A Cookbook

Cook Korean! is not just a wonderful collection of easy-to-follow recipes in comic form, it’s also a delightful introduction to Korean culture.  I can’t decide what’s more mouthwatering–the food or Robin Ha’s art!”
—Michael Cho, cartoonist and illustrator
Published by Ten Speed Press
Jul 05, 2016 | 176 Pages | 7 x 10 | ISBN 9781607748878

Pre-Order it now at AMAZON!

Stay tuned for updates and events regarding the release of my book!